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  • Will my subscription auto-renew
    Yes it will. You don't have to do anything to auto-renew your subscription. We are trying to make your experience as seamless and pain-free as possible so you don't have to remember to do one more thing during your busy day.


  • I am on the Quote page but it doesn’t let me quote anything
    If you are getting an error asking you to set your custom pricing, that is why you can't quote anything. Before you do anything, you have to go to your Profile page, scroll down to input your custom price for each part of the vehicle (and bleed measurement if that is applicable to you) and then go back to the quote page. This is necessary because each company has a different price per square foot, so before our program can determine how much your quote should come out to, it needs to know how much you are going to charge for each wrapped part.


  • Will you have more options during the quoting process
    We are always looking for ways to improve our tools according to what the demand and requests of our users are. If you have any suggestions on new tools, methods or updates to our custom quoting platform, please go to the support page by clicking here and submit a support form to us so that we can work on adding more features to our awesome tool!
  • Will you add more cars to your database
    Yes! Absolutely! We are constantly adding more vehicles to the list of vehicles in our database so you can always have access to what you need. Of course there is a possibility for us to miss something as there are just far too many types of vehicles on this plane. If you can't find something, all you have to do is click here and submit the Vehicle Missing form to us so we can look into getting that missing vehicle's information into our database.