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Why Choose Car Wrap Quotes?

Saves Time & Money

Save time and money with our quick car wrap estimation tool that shows you the cost to wrap a car according to your prices.

No Quoting Mistakes

Don’t ever wonder how much does it cost to wrap a car. Get accurate quotes with our vehicle wrap estimation platform without having to worry about figuring out correct part measurements.

Quote Consistency

No more inconsistencies in your car wrap quotes or car wrap prices because of varying measurements for the same vehicle but different quotes. Instead, our car wrap quote platform will help you stay consistent with your car wrap costs from client to client.

Customized Pricing

Easy interface to customize a standard price per square foot for each vehicle part that can get wrapped with our vehicle wrap estimation platform. Get flexibility for your custom vinyl wrap cost.

Up-to-Date Vehicle Database

Always have an updated database of vehicles with our car wrap quote platform so you never have to fumble to get a vehicle wrap quote for newer vehicles.

Share Quote Easily

Easily share the custom quote created by our car wrap estimation software with your client without having to copy and paste it into an external word processor.

Custom Bleed Setting

Set a standard bleed setting for all your vehicle wrap quotes with rates that are automatically adjusted in our car wrap quote platform according to the size of the bleed.

Customize Parts Selection

Select or un-select parts of the vehicle that you would like to wrap and add to the quote in our custom car wrap estimation software.

Super User Friendly

Car Wrap Qutoes is an extremely easy-to-use vehicle wrap quoting platform that absolutely anyone can use on any devices with a web browser.

Saves 1000's of Hours

With Car Wrap Quotes, estimating a vehicle wrap takes less than 30 seconds. Our user friendly interface and vehicle wrap estimation platform allows anyone to quote a vehicle wrap with ease.  

Simple and Easy is so simple that anyone with little-to-no industry experience can easily estimate a quote for a vehicle wrap within seconds.

Over 10,000 Vehicle Types

Our website has over 10,000 vehicles and is updated regularly to give you the most up-to-date car wrap estimation tool for your vehicle wrap quotes.

Three Easy Steps:



Customize Your Cost

Go to your account profile and enter your cost to wrap a car (per square foot). This will enable our car wrap estimation tool to automatically calculate the cost per vehicle part that needs to be wrapped. The information you enter here will configure our platform to customize the vehicle wrap pricing for all the vehicle wrap templates that we have in our database according to your vehicle wrap pricing guide.



Pick Your Vehicle

On our car wrap quote tool section, select your vehicle’s make, model, year, and some other pre-configured details and the estimation form will auto populate with the vehicles exact dimensions. You can easily select/un-select parts that you don’t want to wrap and remove it or add it to your final estimate.



Print / Email Your Estimate

After selecting your vehicle’s info and selecting the options you would like in the quote created by our vehicle wrap pricing calculator, simply click the button to Print or Email the vehicle wrap estimate directly. That’s It! That’s all there is to calculating a vehicle wrap cost for wrapping a car or any of it’s parts.

No More Guess-Work or Misquoting with Car Wrap Quote’s Standardized Car Wrap Estimation Software of Over 10,000 Vehicle Wrap Templates (and growing). Spend More Time Wrapping a Car and Less Time Quoting.




Car Wrap Quotes has over 10,000 vehicles in it’s database. With our streamlined online vehicle wrap estimation platform, you can use Car Wrap Quotes to determine the cost of a partial or a full vehicle wrap. You can estimate the cost for car wraps, cube wraps, straight truck wraps, food truck wraps and trailer wraps in under thirty seconds. The best part of it is you can access it from any device that has a web browser. Our car wrap quote tool is completely mobile-friendly so that you can take it with you wherever you go!



Stop Spending Time. Start Making Money

Car Wrap Quotes enables you to spend as little time possible making a vehicle wrap estimate with our vehicle wrap estimator, and more time closing those deals & making more money by shortening follow up times, client waiting periods, or inconsistent quoting of the same product to multiple clients.






What others are saying

  • "CarWrapQuotes is such a time saver! It really helps to maximize my workplace efficiency so that I can get a lot more things done. The convenient tool that allows me to pick and choose which parts of the vehicle I want quoted is especially useful. 10/10 would recommend to other clients/businesses that deal with vehicles on a regular basis!"

    - Emily

No more fumbling around trying to measure vehicles or trying to read vehicle wrap templates for sizes and measurements.

Vehicle wrap templates are a good tool, but they are still very time consuming to read, note down the measurements and then calculate the cost per item/part being wrapped. There are still a lot of manual steps that you have to take where you can easily make a mistake without realizing it. Using vehicle wrap templates to find the cost for each part that is being wrapped is still a process that can cost you lots of time and lots of money. Car Wrap Quotes automates that process by automatically calculating out the cost for over 10,000 vehicles that’s in it’s database using our car wrap quote tool, and all under 30 seconds!

Don’t waste your time guessing! Start saving and making money!

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